Advantages of SSD Discs

August 22, 2016 | Views: 3611

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SSD (Solid State Drive) discs are used very commonly worldwide nowadays. Come with me to look at the advantages of these devices. Here’s a quick summary of what you’ll get with these SSD discs:

  • Faster boot of OS’s
  • High stamina as you don’t have any mechanical parts
  • Low power consumption
  • Quiet operation
  • Faster read/write


Faster Boot of OS’s

With the SSD, we can reduce opening and restarting time of the OS. The starting time of the OS in a SSD is approximately 30% less than a standard HDD.

High Stamina

SSD discs don’t have any mechanical parts. From this standpoint, SSD discs resist impact events. The electronics in a SSD disc were produced to endure these type of events.

Quiet Operation

Again, we say that SSD’s discs don’t have any mechanical parts, so we don’t hear any noise, friction, sound, etc.

Faster R/W

These discs are faster than other HDD discs – as much as 5x. The read and write speeds are increased enormously.

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  1. thanks for sharing…

  2. thanks for sharing

  3. You should start listing the disadvantages of using these drives, they are not discs as such. They are Solid-State Drives, and store data on microchips, not discs!

    I had one of these SSD drives go down on me about 2 months ago. They are supposed to have a longer life-span than HDD’s. However, after talking to Cisco Talos Security I found that when I shut my PC down one night, the following morning it was hijacked by a new variation of ransomware.

    The Ransomware I had on the SSD was deadly, it just continously wrote “zero’s” to the drive causing it to over-heat very quickly. I have been told since that this variation just kill’s SSD’s, not HDD’s – and a possible fire risk if left. The SSD read LED just stays on, the drive itself just continues to over-heat.

    I did not have much data on mine at the time, just Windows 10 – fast-boot up tweaked.

    Be warned Ransomware is deadly, with software and hardware – I have already been told by Talos that HDD’s will be hit next, with something similar is bound to be not far off.

    • Yes you are right. These are not disks. I wrote wrong. Actually SSDs are unuseful for some situations like you. Maybe next I can write the disadvantages of this DRIVES. Thanks for your reply.

  4. I have just noted that the technology is not really that new, its been around from 1970 and 80 . But due to its high price most consumers thought it was just too expensive then. well with my little knowledge I also support the back up of an HD since both devices can be used in one computer.

    Maybe one can save videos and pictures on the HD and save documents and files on SSD.

    thanks for sharing.

  5. Only Downside I’ve found with them is, when they fail, they fail suddenly. Tend to get some warning of the drive failing with “traditional” HDD’s, bad sectors, clicking heads etc.

    Of course we all have up to date backups so that shouldn’t really be an issue!….

    • Of course any new technology doesn’t come with a disadvantage qualification. For example, processors are very faster nowadays. But this speed also affects the heat of the this processor. Electrical consumption for this processor is reduced, but electrical consumption for the fan on this processor is increased evenly. I only mentioned about “advantages” for this issue. Thanks for reply…

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