What You May Not Know About Accessing Websites

October 23, 2015 | Views: 22352

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Want to show off to your friends – displaying that you’re a super programmer even if you may not know anything about computers? You won’t find this information on Wikipedia, so read on!


Hey guys! Andy here, with another fun guide!

All you need is a web browser. I suggest you use Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) for this test.

Please DO NOT use Google Chrome because it will search for numbers instead of actually translating them into a URL.


Alright, here’s a fun trick that you can use in browsers that allows you to access website.

1 – Open your browser and go to this website:


and type a website you wanted to visit.

In this example, I will be using default website google.com

2 – Once you picked the website, press the “Get IP info” button.

At the bottom of the screen, it will display the IP,

which in my case was:


3 – Now enter: in the URL

and you will be automatically redirected to google.com

That’s simple, but let’s take this a step forward.


4 – Go to the following website:


and type the IP you found, in my case

and click GO!


At the bottom of the screen, you will get the following table: IP dotted quad IP decimal IP hex IP Binary 1089055589 40E9AB65 01000000 11101001 10101011 01100101


In Internet Explorer, you can input any of those numbers and it will redirect to the website you specified earlier. That’s right! All of your websites are just numbers….


Here are the final formats:




You’ve learned how to access websites by number! Note that each website has a unique number! You can impress your friends by typing in a specific number, which will open up a website!


P.S. This is also a great way to hide the name of the website! Nobody (except you) will know what the number is…until they enter it in the URL!

P.P.S. There are also other formats you can use, such as octal and 64-bit base. You can also mix and match if you do it correctly.


If I get enough comments, I will make another instructional post on how and why this works!

Like always, Rate 3 to see more guides by Andy 🙂


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  1. Hey!
    Why didn’t I got the IP address of cybrary.com?

  2. where can I get fun games

  3. hhhhh this funny but ineed to create my own website may u help me to

  4. Oh A Lenthy one .

    • Sorry for the first part. I just wanted to make sure that anybody can understand! That’s why I go on talking about getting the IP address. I know that you can use “ping”. However, the point of this article was really to explore different numbering formats.

  5. 😛 long process ! Just CMD – > Ping website and Then get Ip in response ! fiverr.com/king_of_kings

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