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Intro to Python

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Intro to Python
Course Intro
A beginner Python video series covering everything from logic to pseudocode to strings and dictionaries.
Course Description

Joe Perry (@perry) has put together a framework that is a complete MUST-KNOW for any aspiring cyber security professional who wants to move up the ladder. Python for Security Professionals is a class that is designed to teach you the functions of Python that play a role in a penetration testing career. It is not necessary to know Python from a complete programming language knowledge level, however, there are certain commands and functions that are critical to becoming a top-tier professional.

Again, this class is designed specifically for NON-CODERS who know they need to know this critical scripting language for a successful career in penetration testing and cyber security.

About the Course:

This course will take you from basic concepts to advanced scripts in just over 10 hours of material, with a focus on networking and security. Students will learn about networking protocols, fuzzing, and information gathering automation in a simple, easy-to-understand format.

Do you want to become a penetration tester? Would you like to become a network engineer? This course could take you one more step down your career path toward your goal. Sign up for Cybrary’s Career Path program today! 

What Does the Python for Security Professionals Course Entail?

Cybrary’s Python for Security Professionals training was created for cyber security professionals who are looking to advance their careers. It is designed to teach non-coders the critical scripting language that is necessary for today’s penetration testing professionals.

The course includes the basic concepts of Python through advanced scripts with a concentration on security and networking. You will learn about fuzzing, protocols, and information gathering automation in this 10-hour class, in a direct and easy to understand manner.

Python for Security Professionals does not require that you have a working knowledge of Python programming language, it covers the functions of Python that pertain to the critical areas of penetration testing and cyber security.

Upon completion of this training you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Who Should Take the Python for Professionals Course?

This free Python security course is ideal for beginners (non-coders) who desire to learn the scripting language that is important for successfully advancing in cyber security and penetration testing careers. Additionally, it is a good fit for those already in cyber security roles who want to further their education of these advanced scripts.

Why Take the Python for Security Professionals Training?

Python is an essential development language in the landscape of IT today. That means that a fundamental understanding of the language’s functions that are applicable to penetration testing and IT security are a must for those who want to advance in cyber security careers. It’s important that you have a basic understanding of Python, as it applies to cyber security, to become an upper-level penetration tester or cyber security professional.

A good working knowledge of Python will allow you to protect your network and develop your own security without relying on someone else’s coding limitations.

Because an understanding of programming has become important to cyber security, IT professionals are often required to write applications and scripts or at least have basic skill in that area. Python provides new and experienced IT professionals with a language that is easy to understand, flexible, and functional.

You will find that many cyber security professionals have only positive things to say about Python, often recommending that it is the best programming language to start with for those who are new to coding and only need to learn the functions that are necessary for network security reasons.

What Jobs Does the Python for Security Professionals Prepare Me For?

If you are looking for a career in cyber security, there is some specific knowledge and specialized skills that you need to master to be competitive in today’s IT job market. Although you don’t have to be an expert in programming languages, you will need a basic understanding of some in order to find your dream job.

When you have a working knowledge of Python programming, as it relates to cyber security, you will have a leg up on your counterparts who do not. You will be more desirable to employers looking for penetration testers, security code auditors, and other entry-level cyber security positions like:

  • IT Security Analyst
  • Network Security Analyst
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Ethical Hacker
  • Data Security Engineer
  • Computer Forensic Analyst
  • Site Administrator
  • Security Consultant
  • Cyber Security Analyst

When you are knowledgeable in the Python language, you become a part of an exclusive group of IT security professionals who are proven to protect networks for the organizations that employ them.

CEU / CPE: 15

Total Clock Hours: 10 hr 17 min

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Python & Geany

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